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We offer E-Business solution service from strategy to implementation along with E-RESPA the only solution to plan & monitor your E-Distribution, E-Procurement, E-CRM, E-Contract to integrate entire supply chain management for multi plants & locations of the company to become competative in global market.

About Us

RESPA Inc is a management systems consultancy offering enterprise solution for Pharmaceutical & Process industry.

Our Mission

We offer support consulting service for achieving world class manufacturing distribution operations for greater customer satisfaction.

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Our Services

Enterprice Business Planning

ENTERPRISE BUSINESS PLANNING Sales and Operations Planning [ More.. ]

Operation Management

  • Business Process Reengineering
[ More.. ]

Manufacturing Strategy

  • Cycle Time Reduction
[ More.. ]

Education And Training

  • e-Business Strategy to Implementation

[ More.. ]

Systems Integration

  • Supply Chain Management
[ More.. ]

Strategy And Planing

  • Strategic Planning

[ More.. ]

Our Advantages

e-RESPA, e-Business Features

  • Integrates you with your Distribution channel, Suppliers, Marketing Representatives.
  • Contract Manufacturing.
  • Multi-Company, Multi-Location.
  • Fully integrated with RESPA - ERP (comprising Purchase, Inventory, Manufacturing, Quality, Sales and Distribution and Finance)
  • Provides a private network to transact securely.
  • Reduced implementation risk.
  • Enables Web based Reporting.
  • Transaction follows custom business workflow.

e-RESPA Benefits

  • Ensures synchronized, real-time data to all users.
  • Transactions part of e-Business automatically gets updated in RESPA.
  • Requires minimum data entry and duplicity.
  • Improved and faster access to mission critical applications.
  • Remote business access 24 *7, globally.
  • Robust application that addresses to multiple audience needs.
  • Open, flexible system to meet dynamic and diverse market needs.
  • Faster implementation to support aggressive marketing plans.
  • Set-up instant client and dealer network through World Wide Web.

RESPA Road Map

We have 24/7 dedicated support team

We are providing following support like System Designer,Software Testing,System Documentation,Developers with ASP.NET experience,Pre Sales Consultant,Functional Consultants (Life Science & Food),Business Analyst,Implementation Consultant,System Audit etc.

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